Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Could Go Wrong?

The Los Angeles Unified School District to issue iPads to every one of its 660,000 students. The price: $1 billion.

The The LA Times  reports that the California school district is paying $678 per device — higher than tablets cost in stores — with pre-loaded educational software that has been only partially developed. The tablets come with tracking software, a sturdy case and a three-year warranty.

Two local elementary schools became the first to roll out tablet computers Tuesday in a $1-billion effort to put iPads in the hands of every student in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Over the next two weeks, iPads will be distributed at 45 other campuses. The district's 650,000 students, from kindergarten on up, are supposed to receive them over the next year or so.

The district is using school construction bonds, approved by Los Angeles voters, which didn't mention the purchase of iPads. This factor raised questions among members of the appointed Bond Oversight Committee. The devices also will consume a significant portion of money that could otherwise repair and maintain campuses. But it's liberal la la land.......What could go wrong?

 Just another mindless liberal taxpayer funded boondoggle....


  1. As a California taxpayer, I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am. I guess the kids will turn in their calculators they took to math class for the iPads. Great move LA! By the by ... I got my edgumacation from that school district.

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  3. Cradle to grave is the liberal way. Pretty dam soon those Haves are going to run out of money to fund those damn lazy Have Nots. It makes me very sad to see what my grandkids and great-grandkids have in store for them in our dismal looking future. I'm glad I won't be around to see it.