Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Former Team Obama Members Cashing in on The Big Bucks

We all remember the delightful Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter
No doubt, former Presidential Administration officials have left service to do well afterwards. From media, to consulting and lobbying, to University Presidents, the world opens up to them. But as members of a corrupt, non-transparent and poorly run administration, the Obama team seems to be cashing in extremely well.    
"The West Wing is more in flux than usual. John Podesta's in as the new Fixer. Phil Schiliro is back to mend fences with Congress. Longtime Obama consigliere Pete Rouse is leaving. Reports have other White House vets delaying their departures until the ship feels righted.
But those departures will come – and likely sooner rather than later. And if their predecessors are any indication, the next wave of aides to jump will be able to leverage their experience and contacts into lucrative way private sector gigs.
Here's a look at ex-Obama aides who have done well by their work with the president.
David Axelrod
Old gig: Political guru and West Wing counselor -
New gig: Taking his guru-ness to the next level by establishing the Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago; advising clients in races as far-flung as Italy; living comfortably on the sale of his stake in two Chicago public affairs firms in 2009 for $3 million; working on his memoir due to be published in 2014 by Penguin Press; working as a paid political analyst for NBC News; a highly-paid member of the Washington Speakers Bureau.
 Stephanie Cutter
Old gig: Obama health-care strategist; deputy 2012 campaign manger
New gig: Yelling at Newt Gingrich daily on CNN's Crossfire; recently formed Precision Strategies with ex-Obama aides Jen O'Malley Dillon and Teddy Goff. "We built and managed a $1.2 billion start-up called the Obama campaign," their site says.
Mike Donilon
Old gig: Senior adviser to Vice President Joe Biden
New gig: This summer joined AKPD Message and Media—which just happens to be Axelrod's old firm and which was retained by Bill de Blasio's successful New York mayoral bid. His campaign paid the firm more than $7 million."


  1. Stories like this make my head want to explode. It seems in some instances crime does pay. Sad.