Saturday, March 22, 2014

NO More Tattoos, Lingerie or Strip Clubs for YOU!!!

Someone Has Finally Come to Their Senses Round Here

Louisiana welfare recipients will now be prohibited from spending the federal assistance at lingerie shops, tattoo parlors, nail salons and jewelry stores, under new limits enacted by state social services officials.  Also barred in the latest restrictions from taking welfare debit cards are video arcades, bail bond companies, cruise ships, psychics, adult-entertainment businesses, nightclubs, bars and any businesses where minors are not allowed.

Last year, the social services agency enacted new regulations that banned the spending of welfare money on cigarettes, alcohol and lottery tickets. Those regulations also included prohibitions on the use of a welfare electronic benefit card at liquor stores, gambling sites and Strip Clubs,  as required under a recently-passed federal law.  

The Department of Children and Family Services announced the emergency regulations late Thursday. They cover the Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program — commonly known as welfare benefits — and the Kinship Care Subsidy Program.

Ruth Johnson
The previous legal misuse of welfare funds were in part instituted and overseen by this woman, Ruth Johnson who resigned her post last June as Louisiana's social services secretary, a position that oversees one of the largest agencies in state government, with a $949 million budget and more than 4,000 employees (that is one employee for every 1200 people in the state).

Thankfully for us, Johnson is now deputy director for finance and administration at the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.



  1. In California, they can get cash just like an ATM machine. Banning those spots would just mean an extra step to take cash along. (In CA, EBT cards have been used in Indian casinos)