Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inaction and Influx

The Obama Gang is expected to announce more executive-level alterations to American immigration policy in the near future that will bypass congressional approval.  

While many young illegals claim they are coming to America to escape gangs, abuse and violence, they are also entering the country at a time when their presence can open up to special benefits to them such as specific opportunities to bring family members living abroad into the United States at a later date.

While America is, and should be seen as, a place for refuge and boundless opportunity, it should not become an international welfare center. Instead of illegals coming to the United States to have their children here in hopes they will someday become automatic citizens, many illegal children are coming to the United States in the obvious hope that a compassionate America will bestow amnesty on them now and citizenship for them later.

Obama’s brazen willingness to cherry-pick certain laws, enforcing some while bending others has set a terrible precedent and sent a message to the world that says: If America’s president doesn’t enforce his country’s immigration laws, why should we be expected to respect them?

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