Friday, May 30, 2014

Legend in His Own Mind

"On Wednesday, our commander-in-chief stood before some of America’s most selfless men and women. It was an opportunity to inspire these young West Pointers with a speech about national security — and their vital role in a dangerous world. Instead he opted for a campaign speech once again contrasting his own brilliance with a childish caricature of his critics."
"When John Kennedy addressed West Point’s Class of 1962, he told them the burden of defending freedom 'will require more from you than ever before in our history.' ...
How different from Barack Obama’s adolescent address Wednesday. Here the long gray line was reduced to a backdrop for a president shouting to the world: I’m not the weakling you think!" — New York Post Editorial  


  1. How sad that those fine graduates were forced to sit through it!

  2. Whenever some micro-dicked douchebag starts screaming about how tough they are,its generally a sign that they are an effeminate piece of crap somewhere to the left of Liberace