Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby Used in Chilling Propaganda From the Religion of Peace

A Crying White Baby = The West is helpless against
Allah and the second coming of the Islamic Caliphate.

Prophet of Islam” - Barack Obama 


  1. No, that's all being taken care of. I just watched Marie Harf say that the Iraqi special forces, the ones that haven't run away yet, along with the help of the 22-year-old art majors running our State Dept, are going to completely nullify that threat. Which they totally knew about waaaay ahead of time. 'Cause they smaht.

  2. I have a bumper sticker on both of my cars that reads in Arabic, I am the infidel your mother warned you about. I am still waiting for one of these a$$holes to challenge me about it. Then we will see who the helpless baby really is.