Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dems Target Scott Walker

It's Always Easy to See Who They Fear the Most

Prosecutors:  Walker, Karl Rove involved in ‘criminal scheme’  

via Poor Richards News:
"Prosecutors are alleging that Governor Scott Walker and Karl Rove were part of a “criminal scheme” which coordinated illegal campaign fundraising." 

From JSOnline:
"Prosecutors allege Gov. Scott Walker was at the center of an effort to illegally coordinate fundraising among conservative groups to help his campaign and those of Republican state senators fend off recall elections during 2011 and ‘12, according to documents unsealed Thursday. In the documents, prosecutors lay out what they call an extensive “criminal scheme” to bypass state election laws by Walker, his campaign and two top Republican political operatives — R.J. Johnson and Deborah Jordahl. The governor and his close confidants helped raise money and control spending through 12 conservative groups during the recall elections, according to the prosecutors’ filings. 
The documents include an excerpt from an email in which Walker tells Karl Rove, former top adviser to President George W. Bush, that Johnson would lead the coordination campaign. Johnson is also Walker’s longtime campaign strategist and the chief adviser to Wisconsin Club for Growth, a conservative group active in the recall elections."
"It’s hard to say at this point how big of a scandal this really is. Often times, my first reaction to anyone being charged with a crime is: “Now, why is that illegal again?” Campaign finance law is generally one of those issues for me. I truly believe that anyone should be able to give whatever they want to whomever they want. No questions asked. It’s called liberty." 

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  1. The difference in the amount of good that Scott Walker's governance has accomplished - against the headwinds of recalls, occupation, strikes and general union thuggery - measured against the ill will wished and written about him, and actions taken against him and his policies is in such stark contrast that Walker's achievements for the people of the state of Wisconsin should be referred to as a blueprint for success.

    The fact that it is not is directly correlated to the percentage of socialist voters penning the opposition articles. This fact really begs the question: "Why do socialists always and everywhere refuse to accept achievement by an individual?"