Saturday, June 21, 2014

Barack Obama: Our Ultimate Embarrassment

Barack Obama is fiddling while the world burns. Iraq, Pakistan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Kenya, Syria. These foreign wildfires, with more surely to come, will burn unabated for two years until the United States has a new president. The one we've got can barely notice. 
The big Obama bet is that Americans' opinion-polled 'fatigue' with the world (if not his leadership) frees him to push his progressive domestic legacy. Meanwhile, Iraq may be transforming into (a) a second Syria or (b) a restored caliphate. Past some point, the world's wildfires are going to consume the Obama legacy. And leave his successor a nightmare."


  1. Fear not, fair damsel. Lurch is in Rio, we can always bring Monica Lewinsky's boyfriend's wife back to Foggy Bottom if diplomacy needs an infusion and our 21st Century server diplomacy is ably handled thru the social media skilled #statedeptspoxPsake (gesundheit!) This Dept of State has it so together that even the baddest bad guys are using humor to allay the fears of their adversaries having learned server diplomacy themselves #BringBackOurHumvees! No worries, right? I'm sure this will end. Well.

  2. We're already there
    There is no 'legacy' for this infantile retarded scrunt
    unless perhaps being the most incompetent cocksucking piece of shit EVER to scam their way into the office and transforming the DNC RATs into something more akin to the fucking Nazi Party.

    And not done yet. the useless cocksucker may yet preside over a worse terror attack than on September 11th, which he will have utterly no chance of blaming on anyone else. He will try. But that will only magnify what an infantile scrunt he IS

    Never was qualified to run a fucking gas bar at 7-11

  3. Poor Us ... The man can come at us from a hundred different directions at once.