Monday, June 23, 2014

WH Finally Admits its Role in Causing the Illegal Tsunami

Breitbart News commemorates a milestone in the deliberately-created humanitarian crisis on our border, as the White House finally admits that President Obama’s unilateral dismantling of immigration laws might just have been a factor in bringing a tsunami of underage illegal immigrants crashing down on our heads:

"The White House admitted rumors of free entry to the United States are motivating migrants to risk the trek northward. Officials said they are pushing back against “misinformation,” noting that Vice President Biden’s trip to Guatamala to meet with the leaders of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico is part of that effort. The White House elaborated in a “Fact Sheet” distributed Friday that specifically, Biden “will reiterate that unaccompanied children and adults arriving with their children are not eligible to benefit from the passage of immigration reform legislation or from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) process. Republicans have argued that DACA and lax immigration enforcement has served to draw more illegal immigration."
You know who else is arguing that? The tens of thousands of illegal aliens streaming across the Rio Grande. Every last one of them, from the youngest unaccompanied minor to families hoping their young children are tickets to group amnesty, tells every single media outlet which interviews them the same story: everyone back in Guatemala or Honduras knows that if you get a child across the U.S. border, he becomes a sainted “Dreamer” and will be allowed to stay. It’s an idea spread by both informal word-of-mouth and news networks.

The idea that Joe Biden is going to halt this catastrophe by meeting with the corrupt governments of South America and handing out fact sheets is beyond ridiculous.

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  1. "Misinformation." Right. Translation: "They figured out the truth for themselves." Those people can see for themselves what's going on. They don't need a retarded, drooling politician to give them propaganda sheets.