Friday, June 13, 2014

Worse Than We Could Even Have Imagined

"Barack Obama spoke on Iraq earlier today, pledging to do nothing and essentially saying nothing, even as that nation is breaking apart, with Islamic militants overrunning Iraq and vowing to capture Baghdad.

In light of the unfolding disaster in Iraq, which is linked to the unfolding disaster in Syria, which is part of a broader failure in the Middle East, which is only one part of an across-the-board failure in foreign policy, which is separate from the failures at home–including and ObamaCare more broadly, chronically high unemployment, the stimulus and “shovel ready jobs,” a historically weak economic recovery, the lowest workforce participation rate since the 1970s, increasing income inequality, and record poverty–the following needs to be said. Even those of us who were highly critical of Mr. Obama early on, who twice voted against him and worked in campaigns to defeat him, could not envision how epically incompetent he would be.

The harm this man has done is immeasurable. And he still has more than two years left to go. Mr. Obama belongs in a category all his own." - Peter Wehner , Commentary Mag.


  1. He is a muslim dog, a 5th-columnist TRAITOR TO THE REPUBLIC

    Nothing more

  2. I said it before today and I'll say it again, the day Barack Oabama was elected was the day we lost in Iraq. Look across the entire mideast at the turmoil since Obama took office. No coincidence there. The man has no moral compass or conscience and his incompetence is beyond anything we've seen in history.. As long as this POS is president America is FUCKED.

  3. I have resisted the notion for sometime that Obama was an agent of some sort bent on the destruction of the United States. I have always felt that he is just an incompetent boob, lazy and shiftless. However, the more I watch his deliberate actions the more I suspect that we are seeing the Cloward-Piven strategy put into effect at the behest of Soros and whatever leftists associate with him. Obama may not have the wherewithal to think of this stuff himself, but he certainly is the perfect Manchurean Candidate.

  4. Yeah, but remember, he inherited this mess from the guy we elected in 2008!