Monday, August 25, 2014

.....and the Store Video was Just a Reenactment of Jesus and The Money Changers.


  1. Uhhmmmm, the various African tribes seem to be restless.

  2. Considering the pretzel-twisting of Scripture some of the speakers used to canonize Gentle Mikie at his funeral, I'm surprised that no one has yet testified to his resurrection from the dead with attendant signs and miracles, followed by a glorious angel-escorted ascension into the clouds.

    Oh, wait, it's not yet been three days. (Film at eleven?)

    It's enough to even make God do a sorrowful face-palm.

  3. Yeah, because stealing cigars that are used to make marijuana blunts is spreading Jesus' word!!

    Per the Urban dictionary.....


    As in a "Swisher" Brand ciggar. Filled with the worst tobacco you could possibly smoke. But the manufacturer knows that. They know that folks don't actually smoke their shit.

    The purpose of the swisher is to roll a blunt and smoke weed.

    It is broken up down the center line, emptied of its original contents, refilled with marijuana, and resealed.

    One swisher can hold anywhere from a pinner 10 sack to a fat dub, depending on your rolling skills. They come in flavors such as Sweet (nasty), Strawberry (the best), grape (better), and peach (good).

    Don't forget to pick up a swisher before you come through.