Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Caucus of Congressional Black Folks Demand Feds Take Control of Local Law enforcement Agencies

The Congressional Black Caucus led by the likes of Maxine Water, Shelia Jackson Lee and Elijah Cummings are well known for putting forth monumental stupid ideas, but their newest idea of federal government intervention into the American way is as reckless and stupid as ever.

Rep. Elijah 'is this microphone on' Cummings

In a letter to President Obama, black lawmakers are demanding that the feds wrestle control of local law enforcement away from community police agencies. Great Idea. Turn community policing into the business of the most corrupt Department of Justice in history, led by a lawless race baiting Attorney General, who himself should be behind bars. 
"In cities across America, local law enforcement units too often treat low-income neighborhoods populated by African Americans and Latinos as if they are military combat zones instead of communities where people strive to live, learn, work, play and pray in peace and harmony."
"The Administration must appoint a federal Czar, housed in the U.S. Department of Justice, who is specifically tasked with promoting the professionalization of local law enforcement, monitoring egregious law enforcement activities, and adjudicating suspicious actions of local law enforcement agencies that receive federal funding. 
"DOJ must set and implement national standards of investigation that are democratic (involving independent review boards broadly representative of the community served), transparent, and enforceable."
And of course, all must be subject to CBC version of government reeducation:
"Law enforcement personnel in every department in the country, under guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), should be required to undergo racial bias training as a part of ongoing professional development and training."
Mr. Cummings and the geniuses in the CBC seem to not understand policies in place for the DOJ to investigate at will what they deem unjust. Nor does he understand the rights of States and local municipalities to police the streets without a Soviet type DOJ "Political Officer " looking over their shoulder. 

You can read the entire letter HERE


  1. The Professional Black Caucus always on the case

  2. Holder and company in charge of local police. Now isn't that just f**king special?

  3. Oh and thd CBC, the dumbest group of people on earth.

  4. Whenever I see Cummings all I can think is, and they called Lincoln the original gorilla! He is purely detestable.

  5. How a subhuman ape ever sludged into congress can only be a RAT miracle.....