Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Democrats, Honest Elections and Other Fairy Tales

On Monday, a U.S. District Court in Corpus Christi, Texas heard arguments in a challenge to the Texas Voter ID law that Gov. Rick Perry signed into law in May in an attempt to secure the integrity of the voting process of Texas citizens:
"The right to vote is simply too important for us to take the act of voting lightly," Gov. Perry said. "Today with the signing of this bill, we take a major step forward in securing the integrity of the ballot box and protecting the most cherished right we enjoy as citizens."
SB 14 requires a voter to show as a valid form of photo ID, either a driver's license, Department of Public Safety issued photo personal identification card, U.S. military ID card, U.S. citizenship certificate that contains a photograph, U.S. passport or Texas concealed handgun license. The bill creates a free election identification certificate with a photograph issued by DPS for registered voters who need a photo ID. The bill also increases the penalty for voting illegally to a second degree felony, and increases attempted illegal voting to a state jail felony....."
Okay, what's the problem here? Does it not help prevent voter fraud by dead people and non-citizens? Not acceptable for lefties that need illegal votes to get elected and stay in office. You know, the ones who say there is no voter fraud.

But just like climate change and other issues, the real reasons and arguments are disguised. 

*Play Race card*
"Monday the court heard closing arguments in the case that challenges the most militant and vicious vote suppression law in America. 
Various groups including The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Brennan Center for Justice, the NAACP and the Mexican American Legislative Caucus of the Texas House of Representatives were joined by the Department of Justice and private organizations in a consolidation of challenges to this heinous vote suppression law."
Gee Wally, no surprise here....all the usual suspects including the most biased and corrupt Department of Justice in history.... 
"Opponents of Texas’ vote suppression law pointed to hard evidence that the law will disenfranchise 600,000 Texas voters. Adding insult to injury, taxpayers are paying for this court battle with tax dollars. Some of those taxpayers are the very people Greg Abbott is fighting to disenfranchise.
The statistics reveal:
Blacks and Hispanics are between 1.6 times to 4 times less likely than Whites to have SB 14 ID, and approximately 4% of all registered voters, or approximately 600,000 registered voters, lack SB 14 ID.
While the stats show the adverse effect on racial minorities, that in itself doesn’t prove there was a discriminatory intent behind the law....."  
If you are a citizen of the US, and you don't have a driver's license or state issued ID, then you can't cash a check or get most state or federal benefits issued to them. Being poor, black or hispanic is no excuse for not having an ID. You can't do business without one. The law states "a free election identification certificate with a photograph issued by DPS for registered voters who need a photo ID."

The objection to the law by the left is for the propose of loose voter registration and voting , like buying a tickets to a movie, and no other reason. 

CASE IN POINT: according to the Registrar of Voters Office of Caddo Parish, State of Louisiana, my friend changed her voter registration from Independent to Democrat on August 12th, 2008. 

My friend died of Leukemia on Jan 26, 2005.

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