Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gabby Giffords Doubles Down on Stupid

by Robert Janicki

Almost unbelievably, Gabby Giffords, former congresswoman from Arizona's 2nd Congressional District, has decided to dispense with civility in asserting what she believes is the need for more gun control legislation, since her last effort kicked her in the ass.  Okay, Giffords wasn't being civil when she recently tried to smear GOP congressional candidate Martha McSally as being a contributing part leading to the shooting deaths of two local victims.  Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly tried to support Democrat congressman Ron Barber, who currently holds the seat that Giffords once held before the assassination attempt on her life in Tucson, AZ, January 8, 2011, by smearing McSally by association with two gun related deaths.  It not only didn't work, it backfired on Giffords.

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Fast forward to Giffords' latest stupidity
"On September 23, Salon ran a column explaining that Gabby Giffords tried to play nice in her push for more gun control. Since she failed in that approach, she has now abandoned "civility" in an effort to secure victory.And Salon says that's fine. After all, Giffords "is under no obligation to be a Civility Unicorn....." 
And Giffords is also under no obligation to be anything but the dumb ass she and her husband have demonstrated themselves to be over gun control and the 2nd Amendment.  When you can't win on the merits of the argument, baffle 'em with bullshit and smear 'em with the same substance.  Back to Salon's article.
 Salon ... citing Jared Loughner's January 2011 Tuscon attack, James Holmes' 2012 aurora theater attack, and Adam Lanza's Sandy Hook Elementary School attack as justification for throwing civility out the door in the pursuit of more background checks.
The outlet (Salon) did not mention that Loughner and Holmes both passed background checks for their guns or that Lanza stole his to get around background checks--so no amount of gun control would have stopped him......"
I'm a gun owner, recreational shooter and a life member of the NRA, CRPA and SASS.  I manage to hit at least four gun shows a year in California.  I have never met a dealer who would sell me a firearm outside of the federal and state laws on background checks.  None of them would touch a situation like that for fear of losing their BATF firearm dealer license and their CA DOJ firearm dealer license.  More gun control legislation will not stop private individuals from selling guns between themselves, even if it is illegal.  It's just an impossibility and that's how criminals get their firearms, through private transactions and theft.
"Ultimately, Giffords' gun control push is a solution in search of problem. And that's why expanded background checks have morphed into a push for closing the "gun show loophole," passing new rules for Internet firearm sales, and passing gun control for women's sake now. 
It is also why red state Democrats begged Giffords and Kelly to stay out of their states with November's midterms drawing closer. And the shift from civility that losing has awakened within Giffords presents a double whammy to red state Democrats like Senators Kay Hagan (D-NC), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Mark Udall (D-CO), all of whom are either down or very tight in the polls...."
Red state Democrats just want to stay silent on gun control before the November 4th elections.  Meanwhile Giffords and Kelly want to go "ballistic" on civility in their national anti-gun campaign.  I say, "Go for it!", to these two political morons.  Take the gloves off and go crazy pushing more moronic gun control that Americans have clearly indicated in multiple polling, that they oppose.

Giffords and Kelly  can only help the GOP defeat Democrats and that's what we want.

Rob Janicki is owner/operator and HMFIC of the website Wired Right 

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  1. You make these stupid noises long enough, and those of us who own guns will just fight harder. But those who are bent on mischief will just figure out something else: knives, baseball bats, bows and dirty arrows, Molotov cocktails, daggers or Japanese swords, simple knitting needles. Some perps don't mind close contact, something to remember. Where there is a will, there is a way. There always is.
    Thanks to people like Giffords, the Brits and Aussies are disarmed. That's why Islamists can get up close and personal.