Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bend Over and Smile America......The Next Big Bailout.

Know what? The Republicans had a chance to vote on a repeal of the “risk corridor” bailout for the giant insurance companies but House leadership, Boehner, didn’t let the repeal come up for a vote. It likely would have been killed in the Senate if the measure passed, but now we’ll never know. The potential bailout would have at least gotten some attention.

If you don’t believe that the GOP, at least a big part, is absolutely for big government this is a perfect example of how it is. Leadership sided with the big business over the taxpayers, for the thousandth time.

Boehner shows his true colors again. Really, he doesn’t even try to hide them these days.
"Conservative activists are complaining that the real motive for killing a vote was to avoid ruffling the feathers of the health insurance lobby by ending the ObamaCare insurance industry safety net.
Conservative lawmakers also fear that in the anticipated lame-duck session in December, Republicans will allow the Obama administration a de facto blank check to make payments to insurance companies that lose money on ObamaCare policies without congressional approval."
The guarantee against losses on ObamaCare enrollees encourages insurers to toss sound underwriting standards out the window......"