Friday, October 17, 2014

Ferguson Protesters Angry at WH for Stealing Attention

(Ferguson Mo.- MFNS.) Street protesters in Ferguson are a bit miffed at being pushed off the front page and the media's lack of reporting of their protests now that other stories are stealing the headlines in the countries mainstream news.

Protest Leaders 'Little Pee Pee', Susan X and 'DJ Snoop Doggy Doo'

Spokesman for the protesters, Kwamie Lazulu (aka Little PP), told MFNS that he and other leaders of the neighborhood demonstrations are very much upset and despondent at the diminishing coverage of their grievances and marches against Ferguson's Law Enforcement Agencies and City Officials.

Lazulu and baby mommy, Shaquanda Washington, who have led daily marches in Ferguson believe racism is the cause of being ignored in national news reports. He told our reporter:
"We got the Panthers up in here yellin' about offin' crackers, we be lootin', burglarizing, jackin' 7-11's ...hell we even tried runnin' over some ATF guys today and nothin'.....nothin' but that golf playin' half cracker in DC and that fat ass globe trippin' turnip dancing fashion diva he married to is all we hear bout!  Know what I'm sayin'?  Kanye and Kim's ass....Barack and Michelle. That's all we be hearing bout. And all we got tellin' our story is that little redheaded cracka from GotNews down here..........Come on man.......we down here in the trenches riskin' our lives and EBT cards in the name of Mike......uh....what's that niggas' name again baby........yeah....Mike Brown. It be all about Mike Brown......know what I'm sayin? What we gotta do....get us some Erbola all up in here to get some attention or what?"
The Ferguson protesters plan to continue their efforts this weekend with rallies, a picnic-barbeque, a face painting booth and civil disobedience in and around Ferguson.