Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sleazy Wendy Davis Goes for The 'Hate The Disabled' Vote

by Robert Janicki
Wendy Davis, Democrat candidate for Texas governor is at it again with her despicable campaigning against Republican candidate, and current Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott.  Davis' latest sleazy ad, not unlike her other ads, centers around Abbott's wheelchair bound status, a permanent condition since 1984 and caused by an accident with a tree falling on Abbott.  Abbott immediately became permanently paralyzed from the event.
It should be noted that Davis is the state senator that held up the Texas senate at the end of their last term by filibustering against an anti-abortion Bill that Governor Rick Perry was about to sign with the vote of the Republican senate majority.  Davis is pro choice (read that as pro baby killer) and strongly supports every other radical liberal position under the sun.
Davis is the worst of the worst liberals you can imagine.  There is nothing that Davis will not stoop to  in her driven desire to win high public office at any cost.  Just ask her ex-husband how far she will go to use people.  Davis filed for divorce from her husband the day she graduated from Harvard Law School, which her husband, at the time, paid for.  How deceitful is that?  That's just typical Wendy Davis.
Well, the cost of Davis' political mudslinging is mounting to epic proportions and Davis' reputation as a someone who will smear an opponent as the low life politician she is, will cost her this November 4th.  She is currently trailing Abbot 49-40 in the latest polling.  It's doubtful that Texans on the political fence will let this egregious and despicable smear go unnoticed when they vote against the low life that Davis really is.
You can see the Davis wheelchair ad at Politico and judge for yourself if this is a despicable smear or just politics Texas style.  I'm thinking you'll be just as revolted as I am.