Friday, December 12, 2014

Diogenes' Holiday Party and Celebrity Beer Bust

In the spirit of the season and to celebrate a great year at DMF, I decided to kick in some cash and throw a holiday party at DMF/MFNS headquarters to show my appreciation for the friends of DMF, the contributors, regular readers and commenters and fellow bloggers. (If your invitation didn't show up, it got lost in the mail, honest). And considering all the movies and television episodes that are filmed in the area, I also put out a blanket invitation to DMF fans in the entertainment industry. The invite list was long, the attendance impressive. 

A good time was had by all......

We knew it was going to be a hell of a party when some of the first guests to arrive
were party girls Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears.

Larry Fishburne dropped in for awhile with his main squeeze Gina Torres on his arm 
and a bowl of Larry's killer Jalapeno cheese dip in tow.

Alec Baldwin rolled in and offered to handle bartender duties for us.  Unfortunately, 
while standing in line to use the bathroom, he punched a guest who tried to take his picture, and he had to be asked to leave.

And see who else came and partied with us.....

And what's a party without at least one drunken Sailor. The United States Navy was
well represented by Retired Naval Aviator, Captain John McCain.

Eminent Global Climate Expert Albert Gore showed up but didn't stay long.
He complained it was inconveniently too hot in the house for his liking.
Fat boy sweats a lot.

This guy claimed to be Bill Murry. He had no I.D. but the dog liked him so we let him stay.

David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon all made the party. 
An impromptu comedy monologue-shoot out between the four never materialized
after Letterman wet his pants waiting in the bathroom line. 
All four secretly admitted they've stolen material from Middle Finger News.

Snoop Dogg came by to have a cold one and drop off a big bag favors.

 A few of the ladies didn't seem to mind Leo DiCaprio couldn't keep his hands to himself.
But thankfully he soon disappeared, as did my fondue pot and $6.23 from the beer fund.

Keanu Reeves kept everybody entertained with his stories of roaming North Hollywood 
dressed in old Lady Gaga costumes, and said "Whoa" a lot.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was there to help keep the peace if things got out of hand, 
and made quick work of ridding us of Alec Baldwin. Mr. Rock also easily won 
hands down the DMF Kitchen Table Arm Rustling Competition.

A close eye had to be kept on Tom Cruise all night. After just one beer he started calling
all the women Nicole and insist we let him take off his pants and dance around the
living room in his underwear. 

But the surprise arrival of the night was none other than the President himself. 
He grudgingly admitted he did occasionally read DMF, but only after he heard of us
during an NSA briefing.  He said he stopped by because he knew there would be real food 
and to hand out some resumes to the guest for future consideration for employment. 
He also took time to lodged a small complaint about the Santa Skivvies Run picture.


These pictures are actually the handy work of graphic designer Everett Hiller. He and his wife host an annual Holiday party for their friends. Afterwards, Hiller sends out a photo album with famous celebrities photoshopped in for fun. While some may look a little fishy, others are near-flawless, as Hiller’s skills with lighting, white balance adjustment, and color really shine.

 Finding the perfect shot to fit the context of the party scene requires a keen eye and the results speak for themselves. You can see the entire 55-picture album on Imgur.