Monday, January 19, 2015

American Sniper Promotes Unrealistic Beauty Standards for Babies........ Retarded Snark From the Left

The Lefties continue to outdo themselves by writing retarded pieces that turn their ideology into a satirical parody of itself.  The most recent example is their collective temper tantrum over American Sniper,  truly something to behold:
"Much has been made of American Sniper, the Oscar-nominated, Clint Eastwood smash about a Navy SEAL with boy-band good looks and the cunning mind of a serial killer. But thus far obscured in the meditative pieces from media thought leaders about “the thrilling anticipation of gun play” and how it is “doing amazing business in its limited release” is the fact that it shamefully promotes unrealistic beauty standards for babies. 
The film notoriously forewent actual child actors in favor of plastic baby dolls, presumably to avoid traumatizing real babies from the terror of being in the same room as director Clint Eastwood....."
The entire “article” will leave you dumbfounded that they could be so intellectually retarded. Then again, this is Jezebel…a site without a brain, scruples or writing skills. They likely hire SJW’s off Tumblr…yes, they are that ignorant. Their vernacular is moron…nothing more.

Our Middle Finger Salutes You!