Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Deny All Knowledge.....

It is known to regular readers of this blog that the Hilton Chain of hotels seem to have a personal vendetta against DMF and have blocked this website on their hotel public computers as recently discovered by regular reader Grunt of Monte Cristo. 

Now comes the news that the weasel of the Hilton Family, none other than little Conrad Hilton just got himself arrested for a brawl on a Trans-Atlantic British Airways flight. 

Now as someone who has spent a large part of their life in the air flying both commercial and private, Diogenes has made many good friends who work in the commercial aviation industry. 

These facts should not be construed in any way shape or form to imply Diogenes would stoop so low as to conspire, nor imply Diogenes has any knowledge of anyone on their behalf covertly slipping a Mikey in Mr. Hilton's drink, causing him to be “uncoordinated, delusional and paranoid” while erratic and yelling  “I will [expletive] fight you,” and “I am going to [expletive] kill you,” and “I will [expletive] own anyone on this flight; they are [expletive] peasants --resulting in him being securely duct taped to starboard wing for the duration of the flight.

I repeat, Diogenes denies all knowledge of any conspiracy involving tainting anyones drink on any flight anywhere in the world for the purpose of publicly humiliating someone of high stature for fun.  It's only a rumor...... 

 Images by Grunt of Monte Cristo