Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's Back To The Stone Age Boys and Girls

NOAA Scientist Says Carbon Emissions Must Be ZERO

Progtards Today - During an interview with National Public Radio (NPR) NOAA scientist, Pieter Tans had this to say about our future civilization, and our carbon emissions:
Tans: "We are at the beginning of bringing about huge changes in the Earth’s climate and ecosystems. The potential is there for us to make life hard, really, for future generations."
Interviewer: "And what would it take to reverse the carbon dioxide concentration levels that you’re seeing now?"
Tans: "See, that is really at the core of why we have made so little progress. The problem with CO2 in particular is that climate – forcing of climate change by CO2 depends not so much on the rate at which we are emitting it. It depends primarily on the total amount of CO2 that we’ve emitted since pre-industrial times.  The implication is that if we want to stop this, we have to bring the emissions back down to zero." 

Unfortunately for us, the NPR interviewer failed to ask Mr. Tans who exactly will be asked to hold their breath, or what modern conveniences Americans will have to do without in order to achieve his desired result of zero CO2 output.

The time has come for all mankind to objectively analyze the situation and find the correct remedy.  I suggest we all beat ourselves to death standing in a 6 ft hole of organic compost. Or for a more meaningful solution, TNT suppositories.  You go first Mr. Tans.....