Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act Defeated - Jindal Issues Executive Order Enacting It

Bobby Jindal enacted an executive order that would enforce the intent behind State Rep. Mike Johnson’s (R-Bossier City) Marriage and Conscience Act - Bill  HB 707  that was defeated in the House Civil Law Committee earlier today.

Here’s the statement from Governor Jindal’s office:
“We are disappointed by the committee’s action to return the Louisiana Marriage and Conscience Act to the calendar. We will be issuing an Executive Order shortly that will accomplish the intent of HB 707 to prevent the state from discriminating against persons or entities with deeply held religious beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman.
“This Executive Order will prohibit the state from denying or revoking a tax exemption, tax deduction, contract, cooperative agreement, loan, professional license, certification, accreditation, or employment on the basis the person acts in accordance with a religious belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.”
Now before anyone says "Good for You Bobby Jindal" you must understand on thing about our esteemed Governor Booby.

Outside of writing an op-ed in The New York Times that was more for national consumption than to sway votes in Louisiana, not a whole lot. He intentionally avoided the firestorm that erupted in other states over similar issues. He did very little to advance the messaging on the bill and clearly didn’t put pressure on Speaker Chuck Kleckley, who he appointed, to move the bill. In today’s hearing, no one from his administration testified in support of the bill.  
"Since Jindal did virtually nothing to help pass Johnson’s bill, who is the target audience for this executive order? 
If you guessed social conservatives in Iowa, you're absolutely right. It coincides with a new ad Jindal is running in that state in order to jump start his soon to be presidential campaign.
All throughout Jindal’s two terms, but especially in his second term, he has been more concerned with his national image than actual results here in Louisiana. Since the passing of education reform at the beginning of his second term, Jindal has done nothing to make Louisiana politics more friendly for conservatives than he found it. 
It seems the end of Jindal’s reign as Governor finds him serving as the tax collector for the Huey Long, Edwin Edwards welfare state." 
Quote source: The Hayride