Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Perfect Product

Pretend you’re the scam artist. You’ve found the perfect product. 
Your product is invisible, nobody can see or taste it. You don’t need to hire employees, because you don’t need to make your product,  it's already made. You don’t need to ship your product because it's already everywhere. No shipping or handling.

Your product never fails because it’s fictional. Nobody can publish a review of your product, since they can’t actually touch it. This protects you from the pesky folks at Consumer Reports. They can’t road-test your product and find flaws, because your product doesn’t exist.

Getting billions of people to buy your imaginary, non-existent product is like getting them to feed a unicorn. They never actually meet the unicorn, but they pay each day and pay extra when you announce the unicorn is “sick.” If they refuse to give money for the unicorn, you pass laws (taxes and fees) forcing them to. Then, you heap guilt on top – since anyone NOT feeding the unicorn is bad.

Everyone's A Customer.

Most scams target a person or group. But Global Warming targets everyone on earth because everyone breathes air and uses electricity. If you don't live in a tree house, you're using gas/electricity for heat. And everyone owns a light bulb. Since these things are “sins,” the crooks get you – just for being alive.

In short, Global Warming scammers sell an invisible product thats everywhere and used by everyone.

It's the perfect scam.

When folks discover the scam, the thieves change its branding from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change.” This way, their sales pitch covers everything that could possibly happen. Socialists know that “Green is the new Red.” In other words, if they can’t sell you Communism, they’ll gain control via Environmentalism. So government tells us cars/people are making the planet hotter and demands trillions in new taxes to “fix” this problem.

The notion that governments scam you is troubling. So troubling, that most folks don’t want to think about it or worse yet, do anything about it. Since you wouldn’t murder your neighbor, you have trouble imagining other people murdering their neighbor. Yet every year, a handful of people, for various reasons, murder their neighbor. It keeps happening even though you have trouble imagining it. This tendency to assume “what’s true for me is true for others” makes sense in many cases. But in some cases, that belief is totally false. 

Con artists exist. And some aren’t after your wallet – they’re after everyone’s wallet.