Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Left's Next Target: Mainstreaming of Pedophilia

Every time the topic of pedophilia and related sickness comes up, at least some of the people there get this jaded look on their face like you're talking about the earth being flat or moon landings being faked. There they go again, warning about the slippery slope and predicting horrors just because we're nice to homosexuals.
Its long been a chorus over the years that cultural conservatives have heard. No-fault divorce will not cause a breakdown in marriage and family, you heartless jerk! Relaxing sexual mores will not result in increased teen pregnancy and social decline, you cold-hearted monster! The responses are remarkably consistent from the same groups of people: any resistance to moving away from proven and trustworthy social morals is a terrible, restrictive, and even fascist thing.
Repeatedly over the years I've noted that the trend is toward normalizing pedophilia and related evils in western culture. Each step has predictable and unpredictable results, and leads naturally and logically to the next slouch toward Gomorrah. The problem is that the sophist, emotionally-driven arguments for these changes always appeal not to the good of society and reason, but to feelings and how nice people are. And, of course, personal attacks, accusations of terrible motives, and insults.
 For a few decades now, film, literature, and portions of art and other communities have been leaning toward normalizing underage sexuality. Since the 70s, Roman Polanski's rape of a drug addled girl of 13 years has been defended by those who think his art transcends morality and propriety. But its getting more pervasive and common these days.  
Being born lusting toward someone you ought not is bad for you, and a struggle - we all have those struggles in some way or another whether it be jealousy about wealth, gluttony, gossiping, excessive rebellion, and so on... or something sexual in nature. Fighting that evil inside us is a noble cause. But at no point does it become justification or permission for behavior. Being born a certain way is simply a statement of fact, not allowance to act upon it. 
The problem here, of course, is one of morality. There is no moral character to one's ethnic background any more than being left handed, blue-eyed, or short. Its just a physical description. Moral character comes from what we do with what we are. Some behaviors are evil and awful and should be oppose, period, no matter how much someone is born that way.  

The same American Psychological Association, that in the late 20th century became populated with homosexuals, and with the help of their intellectual sympathizers within the Association, redefined their deviance as being normal. Today they are now leaning towards  redefining it even further to include pedophilia, from a mental disturbance to just another sexual proclivity.