Sunday, October 25, 2015

The City of Oakland California Creates “Department of Race and Equity”

Cali Political Review
Once again California proves that it in competition with 1960 Alabama for being the most racist, bigoted State in American history. The City Council of Oakland is “borrowing a bigot from Portland, Oregon to head up a city council version of the KKK—the “Department of Race and Equity.” The city has determined that government policy is to be based on race and bigotry, so it needs  Pay, job opportunities, housing, education—all to be based on race—sounds like Alabama in 1960—using government to promote racism and bigotry.
Earlier this year, Councilmember Desley Brooks proposed the creation of Oakland’s first department dedicated to achieving racial and social equity in the city. The department was approved during the June budget season with the end of the year targeted for its debut.”
The Oakland City Council Rules Committee on Thursday scheduled an agenda item for Nov. 3 to approve the three-month temporary hiring of Dante James, who has led Portland’s equity department since its inception in 2012.  
Bigotry pays well in 2015 in California—your taxes at work. James earns over $147,000 a year, according to the report, making him one of the highest paid employees in Portland city government.  
James, who's sister is former KPIX news anchor Dana King, would retain his position in Portland, said the report, but Oakland would assume James’ salary while he works to set up the new department, in addition, to advising the city on hiring its first director.
It is also no surprise Oakland city leaders are reaching out to Portland for guidance. Brooks often recognized the city, along with King County, Washington as inspiration for her proposal.
h/t Beth Rogers