Friday, October 16, 2015

Two Go In - One Comes Out.....

The 6-0 Florida Gators  vs. The 5-0 LSU Tigers

The Gators Visit “the place where dreams go to die” 


LSU 35 - Florida Gators 28

The Florida Defendants Gators slither into Death Valley Saturday night to take on Mike and the Tigers, although minus their whiz-kid quarterback who got busted by the NCAA using performance enhancing drugs, and  DB Deiondre Porter, suspended after an arrest for allegedly firing a gun in direction of pregnant girlfriend. (gee, imagine that, Florida players in some kind of trouble??)  Their backup quarterback,  Treon Harris is an experienced QB, a former starter benched early this year for failing a team drug screening. ( gee, imagine that, a Florida player........). The Gators are out to avenge last years loss at home to LSU.

The Tigers will be without Leonard Fournette's primary blocker, J.D. Moore, but have home field advantage and the deafening sound of Tiger Stadium, as well as the cutest Cheerleaders in the SEC. The Gators come in with a much vaunted defense, leading the SEC in felony arrest and a definite edge of players with dreadlocks and fake hair extensions.

Florida Gator Head Cheerleaders

But all that really needs to be said is this:  SEC East Leader vs. SEC West Leader........both undefeated......a warm Saturday Night in Death Valley.  Two go In - One comes Out.  



Alabama @ A&M: The Tide travels to College Station to battle the Agriculture & Mechanical dudes from Texas. The Aggies will be out to avenge an embarrassing southern Ass-kickin' blow out last year at at the hands of the Tide, and are said to have a very good defense. I very rarely bet against a Nick Saban coached team, and this ain't gonna be the week. If The Tide gets their MoJo rollin' early, it's gonna be a bad day on the Texas plains. 
I say BAMA by 10+

You may proceed with the obligatory Aggie Jokes in the comment section below, as long as the words 'nipple clamps' and 'car battery' are not both included in the same punchline..... 

Ole Miss @ Memphis: Upset! To hell you say! 
Yes. My girly intuition parts are tingling this week. Memphis is riding a 12 game winning streak and ready to bust one on a top 20 team....... and get some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!. Ole Missy comes in a bit cocky from their blowout win last week and take it on the chin. 
I say Memphis by 3   

Jan's Picks: 12-2 on the year.....