Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Yet Another Senseless Beer Pong Related Shooting

Should We Ban Non-Government Regulated and Supervised Beer Pong??

2015 will be remembered as the year when beer pong related shootings became an epidemic. For the third time this year, the seemingly innocent drinking game has caused an eruption of gun violence; this time in New Mexico where one man was killed and two others injured. When will the cowards in Congress act to ban this preventable cause of death?
The Albuquerque Journal reports that one man died and two others were injured, one critically, after a game of beer pong went horribly awry. 18-year-old Arturo Villa, 17-year-old Jaime Acevez, and 17-year old Ignacio Vasquez started last Saturday night out by going to a house party. Unfortunately, there was a shooting at that place, so they decided to find a less violent location to get their groove on. They picked wrong.
At another house party Villa and Acevez found themselves in a beer pong game with 18-year old Esias Madrid and 22-year-old Jack Daniel Trujillo. Acevaz was so confident with his pong skills that he bet his watch against one of the men from the other team’s watch. As a general rule you should never bet in a drinking game when your opponent’s name is pretty much “Jack Daniels.”
As you can imagine, Acevez and Villa were defeated, but they didn’t want to give up the watch because they are sore losers. Soon a fight broke about between the two groups and because they take their beer pong seriously in the ABQ that meant a gun fight.
Madrid shot Villa in the neck, killing him and Trujillo shot Acevez critically wounding him. Vasquez was also shot, though not seriously wounded. Madrid was arrested and charged with an open count of murder, while Tujillo remains at large.
By my count, this is the third beer pong related shooting this year:
In May, 39-year old black guy Ronald Wayne McNeil crashed a college graduation party and got into a fight over the rules of beer pong. He left to get his Glock and came back to fire 14 shots at the partiers, killing 19-year old Lacie LaRose.
In July, 27-year old black guy Manus Shannon was trying to distract his beer pong opponent by waving a loaded gun in his face. What was supposed to be a joke turned serious when Shannon inadvertently pulled the trigger. The bullet struck one man in the hand and another in the shoulder.
There have been four mass shootings in the US this year, but two of those were terrorist attacks, so in reality there have been two. If two mass shootings is an epidemic, as the liberals claim, then 3 beer pong shootings must be a super-epidemic.
Why aren’t the democrats jumping all over this? Sure, this wave of increasing beer pong violence is perpetrated exclusively by minorities, but everyone knows that this is a game privileged white men play as a pretext to rape and racism. If democrats really want to make us safer, they should move to ban beer pong, close the “table tennis loophole” and crack down on Coors Light straw purchases.