Friday, May 6, 2016

Obama In No Position To Say The Presidency Isn’t a Reality Show

In response to Donald Trump's impending ascension to the Republican Party nomination, President Obama does what he does worse - lecture:
"We are in serious times, and this is a really serious job. This is not entertainment. This is not a reality show. This is a contest for the presidency of the United States. Every candidate, every nominee, needs to be subject to exacting standards and genuine scrutiny."
Oh Really. And what would President Obama know about being subject to exacting standards and genuine scrutiny? After making a mockery of the office of the Presidency, Obama is in no position to criticize Donald Trump's candidacy as a reality show when his entire 2nd term has been little more then a reality show with a fawning press in tow.

Let's not forget that this is the same man who consented to being "interviewed" by a woman who eats Fruit Loops in her bathtub, also had time to sit between two ferns with Zach Galfianakis, hang out in the wilderness with Bear Grylls and get coffee with Jerry Seinfeld
to name just a few.

It's hard to listen to Obama say we live in serious times when he was perfectly content to watch a baseball game in Havana with Raul Castro and dance The Last Tango in Buenos Aires as Brussels burned. I'm sure President Obama would have hit the links if he could have, but I guess he reserves that for really special occasions such as when American journalists are beheaded by ISIS.

While I believe Republicans may have got us into a fine mess by seeing fit to nominate a Hillary donor to be the standard bearer, Obama is not the person who can credibly deliver that message where it concerns Trump's shortcomings. If not for the incompetence, condescension and disingenuousness of a Barack Obama there would be no prospect of a Donald Trump in The White House to begin with.

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