Saturday, June 25, 2016

10 Saturdays From Today....

On September 3rd, the 2016 NCAA Div.1 college football season swings into full motion. Things start quickly with a slate of marque games. In games of special interest to us round here, the USC Prophylactics will travel eastward to meet the  retooled  defending National Champions at Jerry World in Dallas, for what is sure to be a brutal lesson on how we play football down south. And the Cats from Baton Rouge will pack up #7 and travel north to the hollowed ground of Lambeau Field to play a fierce Wisconsin Badger team in the first college football played at Lambeau in 33 years.  The Tigers plan leaving their calling card with a note of sincerity, reminding the Big10 who the toughest conference in college football is.

This season will be an interesting year in the SEC to say the least. Will the Crimson Tide end a two game losing streak to Old Miss, and avenge the one blemish on what could have been a perfect season last year? Will LSU break the curse of 2011 and defeat the Tide who must do battle in the confines of Death Valley? Can Chad Kelly match last year performance? Will Nick Chubb show up? It's all yet to be seen. 

But as I did last year, I predict no SEC West team goes undefeated. The talent and Defenses are the toughest in the nation. That said, I believe more then one Southeastern Conference team have as good a chance as any in the country to raise the National Championship Trophy into the air this January.