Friday, October 7, 2016

Coach Oeaux vs The Swamp Chickens

Florida Roosters (Swampus-gallinaceous defensi)

What I'm about to say may seem to some insensitive, but is what the sports media can not say for Political Correct reasons. And yes, I have experienced hurricanes; Katrina, Rita and Ike.  Gainesville was not projected to be in the path of hurricane Matthew, being on the weak eastern side, no where near the coast and far from the eye. Just squalls and winds, the sun will more then likely be shining bright in Gainesville Sunday afternoon. 
The #18 ranked Florida Gators chose to cancel the Saturday meeting with the LSU Tigers at The Swamp in  Gainesville. They were well within their right as home team.  But they also refused to consider rescheduling the game.

The Tigers offered to fly in and play Sunday night in The Swamp, field condition permitting.  Fla.. refused.  LSU offered to play a Monday night.  Fla. refused.  LSU offered to play in any open stadium in the south of Florida's choice.  Fla. refused. They stalled and hid behind the SEC Commissioner until he postponed the game indefinitely. 

In defense of the Florida Gators, with their toothless offense and their much vaunted mythical Defense, you know, the one the Vols hung 28 points on in less then 15 min, and the same one that SEC powerhouse Vanderbilt beat up last week, coupled with what LSU did to Missouri last Saturday, I wouldn't want to face the Tigers either.  Florida Coach McIlwain saw the storm was gonna be a gift from heaven.

Oh well, McIlwain can take his swamp roosters down the road a bit to Disney World Saturday instead. They reopen at 8am. 

There's a reason fried Gator meat taste like chicken.....

This Week in the SEC:

#1 Alabama vs #16 Arkansas:
If Alabama were to lose a game this year, this would be the one to lose. I think it would have less affect on the The Tide's run then a loss to A&M. The Hogs have made the Tide sweat through the last two meeting, but as usual, the tide will pull away in the 4th quarter.
I say The Tide by 10 

#9 Tennessee vs #8 Texas A&M
The Vol's Cinderella season takes a hit this weekend as the Agricultural and Mechanical Dudes from Texas defense are a bit to much. This may be a very close and low scoring game. (Sorry Dutch, I call um like I see um)
I say A&M by 6 

Nothing else to call this week. The big 10 is still beating up cupcakes and the rest I really have no interest in.

After just missing on both of my upsets calls last week Diogenes went 2-2, and 9-3 on the year so far.