Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hillary Rodham: Violent Avenger of Bunnies

Even before the silly news broke of an 11 year old video of Donald Trump's egregious Pussygate,  locker room language not usually used in polite company, or before talk of who does or doesn't possess the temperament to be President, we were treated to an even more true shocker of a story (conveniently ignored by the media) by author Edward Klein in his new book 'Guilty as Sin'.

Mr. Klein has previously written in 'The Truth About Hillary', that Hillary was a big old thigh licker with "no wifely instincts."

In his new book he reveals that she cusses and has an explosive temper, (she is said to have blooded-up a sitting president over a stain on a carpet or something) and probably can’t be trusted to be president because she could very well be not only a serial liar, but pathologically violent:
"Hillary’s combative behavior is nothing new; she’s been that way all her life. For my 2005 book The Truth About Hillary, I interviewed Hillary’s grammar school classmate, Jim Yrigoyen, who told me the story of being ordered by Hillary to guard a warren of baby rabbits, and not give any of them away to neighborhood boys. When he did, recalled Yrigoyen, “Hillary hauled off and punched me in the nose."
"She’s been using people as punching bags ever since...."
Well, the little jerk did give away the baby bunnies after being told not to now didn’t he?  A baby bunny belongs in the nest with the mama, not in the incompetent hands of some little snot-nosed creep who’s likely to let it die. 

But this story goes a long way in explain Hillary's reported legendary violence while reigning as the nation's First Lady.  And I might remind you of that time back in 2012 when stories emerged of Young Mitt Romney having bullied a kid at prep school by knocking him down and chopping his hair off with scissors, so he’d stop being a long-haired hippie type. We didn't elect him either, now did we?

But will all this matter to Democrats? Barack Obama once admitted to playground violence by pushing a girl on the playground! And even worse, there was monstrous child Joe Biden, who threatened to punch bullies in the nose for messing with his friend!  And just look what these people have done to our country!

The question is America: do we disqualify ourselves from voting for a candidate who has on occasion used a colorful word for a female body part, as boys sometime do?  Or do we take a chance and elect another Democrat with a blatant history of violence against their fellow man?  I Think Not!

Thank You MJA for the Linkage!