Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Obama Wants To Make Sure Robots Are Not Racist

Just when you thought the Obama Administration couldn't get anymore ridiculous, the morons start jumping from the trees.  Obama would like to make anyone working on Artificial Intelligence to undergo racial sensitivity training. I know it must come as another shock that a liberal has a forced indoctrination social engineering agenda.

In the final months of the Obama regime, the ineffective president has entered hardcore legacy-building mode. He wasted seven and a half years being terrible at his job, but now that the end of his reign of terror is approaching, he doesn’t want to be remembered for messing up the world and the US. With ObamaCare tanking and the country coming apart at the seams, Obama needs something positive to be associated with. His bold move comes in the form of stopping racism…in robots.
The Office of the President has released a massive report titled: PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. It’s in all-caps because like an Internet troll, Obama thinks yelling makes his idiotic point more valid.
This incredibly boring report gets mildly interesting about a million pages in with the “Fairness, Safety, and Governance” section. Here we learn that AI is inherently racist:
"As AI technologies gain broader deployment, technical experts and policy analysts have raised concerns about unintended consequences. The use of AI to make consequential decisions about people, often replacing decisions made by human actors and institutions, leads to concerns about how to ensure justice, fairness, and accountability…"
Here’s the only example given to prove AI is racist, and it’s not even an example of AI:
"A commonly cited example at the workshops is the use of apparently biased “risk prediction” tools by some judges in criminal sentencing and bail hearings as well as by some prison officials in assignment and parole decisions, as detailed in an extensively researched ProPublica article. The article presented evidence suggesting that a commercial risk scoring tool used by some judges generates racially biased risk scores."
This is as dumb as it gets. Algorithms and data collection are as unbiased as things can get. Essentially he wants AI to be programmed to ignore trends and statistics that are related to people of color. That’s not artificial intelligence, that’s artificial ignorance.
Thank You MJA for the Linkage