Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Canadians Invite California, Oregon and Washington to join Canada

While our neighbors to the north finally learned to play baseball (hadn't caught onto the football thing yet though) they do come up with a good ideas once in awhile. Canadians are inviting people in the states of California, Oregon and Washington, where President-elect Donald Trump lost heavily to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, to secede from the US and join Canada.

“Dear California, Oregon, Washington – I’m sure we can work something out if you want to join Canada,” Chad Harris, a reporter from Kamloops, British Columbia, tweeted.
“California, Oregon, Washington, I, for one, will accept you with open arms into the liberal bosom of Canada,” Alex Middleton of Calgary, Alberta agreed.
“Now is the time for Canada to prepare to add 3 provinces, Washington, Oregon and California,” fellow British Columbian Craig Heber from Tofino shared the sentiment. “Guaranteed means to grow economy would be adding the sixth largest economy in the world to ours.”
Some extended the invitation to Nevada, also won by the Democratic candidate.
“To the west coast of the United States, if you want to you can all become Canadian Provinces, since you voted closer to the experiences we have as Canadian,” Calgarian Andrew Mercier said in a Facebook post. “Therefore WA, OR, NV, and CA you are now provinces, also bring all the goodness that you have to us!!!” 
Others want Hawaii, another so-called “Blue State” and outgoing President Barack Obama’s birthplace, to become a Canadian province.
“Dear USA west coast – Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii – come and join Canada, we’d welcome you!,” Torry Courte, a musician and songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia, tweeted.
“California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii,” Rick Spence from Toronto, Ontario, tweeted. “Don’t bother to count the votes. Join Canada. Just try us out for four years.”
How do the disgruntled voters in the West Coast states feel about joining?

Douglas Cole of Beaverton, Oregon, summed up the feelings of many shocked West Coasters in a humorous open letter.

Dear Canada,
We, the fine people of Washington, Oregon, and California, wish to secede. We offer our people, our land, and our resources to you, Oh Canada. We promise not to fight this, but instead, to fight FOR this. Although, you being…you know…Canadians, we’re confident in a polite transition as we become your fourth territory, Washorefornia.

Or Calorington.
 We’re fine with either. Just please take us. Pretty please?
With Love and Great Respect,
 The Western Former US States 

“These days I love daydreaming about Washington, Oregon, and California all ceding from the US and joining Canada,” Scott Dixon of Mercer Island, Washington, posted on Facebook. “Besides that this would form a country that had one of the largest economies in the world (California is #6, Canada is #8 by GDP), it certainly seems like the American West coast has more in common with British Columbia then it does Idaho, Utah, and Arizona (In my daydream Nevada also cedes but becomes it’s own mad-max themed nation-state).”

 “Hey Canada, I have a proposal for you,” Dave Lewis, of San Francisco, California posted on Facebook. “I say we take Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii, combine them with Canada and make one amazing country. Lots of new coastline. Who’s in?”
“Dear Mr Trump, I’ve figured it out,” Patrick Heffernan of San Diego, California posted. “End the deficit by selling Washington, Oregon, and California to Canada. We don’t mind.”  
I hate to say it, but I really don't see a down side to all this.........