Monday, November 14, 2016

Tears and Angst

The overwrought, hyper-dramatic meltdown on the left in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory has been so unrelentingly entertaining that just when you think it can’t get any better this gem shows up: 
U.S. EPA employees were in tears. Worried Energy Department staffers were offered counseling. Some federal employees were so depressed, they took time off. Others might retire early.
And some employees are in downright panic mode in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory.
“People are upset. Some people took the day off because they were depressed,” said John O’Grady, president of American Federation of Government Employees Council 238, a union that represents thousands of EPA employees. After Election Day, “people were crying,” added O’Grady, who works in EPA’s Region 5 office in Chicago. “They were recommending that people take sick leave and go home.”
EPA employees stand to see some of the most drastic changes under the Trump administration, and they may be taking things a bit harder than other government workers.
The president-elect has vowed to repeal some of the rules they’ve toiled on for the last eight years during the Obama administration, including the Clean Power Plan rule to cut power plants’ greenhouse gas emissions.
While the world was literally burning around him, Obama kept his focus on keeping climate change hysteria at a fever pitch, most probably because he’s seen what it did for Al Gore’s bank account in the last 16 years. In order to pass out favors that he can cash in once he leaves office, he’s been expanding the reach and power of the EPA. It is now a regulatory, power hungry nightmare.

The one sector that didn’t experience sluggish growth the last eight years was the federal behemoth.  Obama has created a new, borderline wealthy class of government workers on the backs of the American taxpayers. It’s practically the sole reason that Virginia, despite still having a purplish appearance, is actually a blue state now.