Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Election a 'Wake Up Call For the Media

Donald Trump's electoral victory took some Americans by surprise, but perhaps none were as stunned as the liberal news media. MRC Vice President of Culture and Business Dan Gainor called Trump’s win a “full on repudiation of the elites in news and entertainment” who “act like nothing goes on in the rest of America.” He appeared on Fox Business Network’s Intelligence Report Nov. 9.
“I think it should be a wakeup call for the media. They’re tied into this New York, LA, DC axis, and they act like nothing goes on in the rest of America. “They don’t wanna cover people in their faith, they don’t wanna cover people in their jobs, they don’t wanna cover the impact of these climate regulations, how they’re devastating coal states across the country,”
After Trump won the election liberals in both the news media and Hollywood had a collective meltdown. ABC’s Martha Raddatz got choked up as she bashed Trump, Andrea Mitchell claimed “history put on hold yet again,” and celebrities whined about wanting to puke over the election results.
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Alex Pareene, editor of Deadspin, an off-shoot of the sewer media 'Gawker', unleashed an extended diatribe in reaction to the election of Donald Trump Wednesday: 
"Blame white people. Blame white men in particular, but reserve plenty of blame for white women. Blame old people...Blame rich people, as always. Blame the public...for Donald fucking Trump getting more votes than Donald Duck....Blame the Founders for enshrining white supremacy in our constitution and making it nearly impossible to fully expunge. Blame a political system that advantages rural areas at the expense of urban ones, mostly in order to preserve our white supremacist heritage."
Blame the deep-seated misogyny of the...conservative press, which—with a clutch assist from much of the mainstream press—caused a politician who is calculating and ambitious in mostly ordinary ways to be perceived as a conniving Lady Macbeth, while somehow allowing a man with an incredibly well-documented history of chauvinism, harassment, and outright sexual abuse to pawn it off as regular, if slightly old-fashioned, alpha masculinity....." 
And people wonder why we don't elect Presidents by popular vote.