Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Goodbye Note from Kim Jong Un

Dear President Orack,
Soooo, people kick yu out of Big House, huh? Ha Ha!
I still Supreme Leader of Magnificent Korean Empire
Would invite yu to come to Peoples Paradise and live in splendor, but yu monkey butt ugly wife would scare chilren. Ha Ha!

Rotts of Ruck Big Ears!

Kim Jong #Un!   

Dear Korean Fat Kid,

I thank you for the offer to live in the Peoples Paradise of Korea, but you see, I've made out like a Korean Mountain Bandit the last eight years and I'm a very rich MoFo now.
And if I may be so bold to make a suggestion. I hear the new American President, Mr. Trump, reallllly doesn't like effeminate little Korean Fat Boys with funny hair cuts.  Maybe you should drop him a line next week.

And Good Luck ever getting those bricks you call missiles to fly, Fatso,

Orack Obama
Thank You MJA and IowaDawg for the Linkage!