Tuesday, January 31, 2017

He Told Us He Was Going To Continue To Be A Prick

Barky is Certainly Keeping His Word 

With Ma Clinton rebuked and put away wet and the far left superstars Bernie Sanders and Lizzy Warren circling Political Jupiter somewhere, Barky did tell us before leaving office he would try and set himself up as the reasoned voice of the Democrats. *snork *

"Obama warned that he would speak out if he determined there was “systematic discrimination being ratified in some fashion,” or if the press was mistreated (in a manner similar to how his Department of Justice targeted reporters, perhaps), or if his executive actions on immigration were repealed. Basically, Obama told the press to expect his return sooner rather than later. Few guessed, though, that sooner meant just 11 days. 
In a statement released by Obama’s spokesman, Kevin Lewis, the former president warned that “American values are at stake”—an indirect reference to President Donald Trump’s executive actions on refugees....." 
"Obama’s statement is an effort to craft a narrative (seven countries does not the Islamic world make, and no one has challenged Trump’s executive order on the basis that it discriminates against an entire religion). It is also, though, an attempt to thwart a damaging political realization from taking root in the Democratic subconscious. It was his administration and the last Congress that designated the countries in Trump’s executive order as potential threats...."
"The president, the most powerful man on earth, was reduced in his final days in office to drumming up enthusiasm for state assembly races. Today, when he should be focusing on building his library and serving as a sagacious ambassador to the world, he lowers himself to offer a muted and impotent burble of opposition to his successor. He will posture and preen and do whatever he can to make sure the Democratic Party’s next leader is cast in his mold. So long as Obama can fill the silence, Democrats won’t have time to reflect on the president’s legacy. When they finally do, Obama won’t appreciate many of the conclusions they reach."