Sunday, January 1, 2017

We Be All FAB 50 Up In Here!

Six years ago Doug  Ross@Doug Ross Journal temporarily loss touch with reality and awarded a small part-time blog, only in 6th month of publication with the FAB 50 "Elihu Smails Award for Up-and-Coming Snark Blog" of 2010.  This unexpected honor gave me the encouragement and incentive to continue this little project on a more regular basis

This year Mr. Ross has again seen fit to recognize the now notorious Diogenes Middle Finger, along with my fellow Bloggers from The People's Cube and HopeNchange Cartoons as 'The Fab 50 Best Satirical Blogs' of 2016.  I'm Honored and Flattered to even be considered in the same category with such talented and established Bloggers.

"Every year at this time we are pleased to announce the winners of the Fabulous 50 Blog Awards recognizing the year's 50 most important blogs and websites in the conservative world. There are no judges. No debates. No voting. No nominations. Just facts. Immutable truths, chiseled in stone and then forged in molten steel on the Anvil of Zeus for posterity. No prize carries more panache, more prestige, or more raw sex appeal than a Fabulous 50 Award, save something you might find in the dumpster behind Denny's."
Congratulations to all the winners. And Thank You Doug Ross. You helped create this little monster.  And some on the internet are not pleased!

You can see all of this years winners HERE.