Friday, February 3, 2017

As If You Really Needed Anymore Evidence the Little Midget is off the Rails....

Dr. Robert Reich

We all know by now the little midget and former Clinton administration cabinet member, Robert Reich, long ago went off the rails and now teaches the young minds of America at the cesspool of UC Berkeley. Even after having the Tinker-belle balls to call for 100 days of Resistance, the good Doctor went on the Crazy News Network and called the rioters in Berkeley "Secret Right-Wingers."

On CNN Thursday,  Reich suggested the anti-Trump riots on campus were actually a right-wing plot to delegitimize liberals.

Really Dr. Reich?  No, you little leftist squirrel, you and people like you who called for all out resistance to a duly elected President of the United States even before he took office are responsible for all this fascist crap, regardless who they are and who is paying them. We can only imagine what you and the pinheads haters in the media would have said if people who were really on the right had called for the same resistance and caused violence because of a newly elected President in 2008.