Monday, February 20, 2017

Congressional Black Caucus to Renew Call For Taxing the White Folks

Michigan Rep. John Conyers and his fellow CBC members have plans to re-introduced legislation to set up a commission to consider whether reparations should be paid to black Americans for slavery. Conyers has been proposing the same bill every year for at least two decades. The bill would also consider the prospect of the federal government issuing a formal apology for the "racial and economic" discrimination against African-Americans. This despite the fact that slavery was outlawed over 150 years ago.

According to The Root magazine, known for its unapologetically pro-black stance on the issues, even some free black Americans “bought and sold other black people, and did so at least since 1654, continuing to do so right through the Civil War.”  And even one of the most leftist papers in existence, The New York Times, admitted two years ago that were a reparations bill passed into law, payments would “have to come from taxpayers, who have no culpability for those past crimes and little, if any, of the benefit.”

Unless the government were to use only the funds of white taxpayers, which would be inherently racist, reparations would therefore be funded by Americans of all races, including black Americans.   The bill was to all intents and purposes economically unfeasible, historically inaccurate and a royal waste of time, one likely rooted in animosity as well as ignorance. Over 150 years have passed since America’s darkest days, and within that time frame, the nation has become one of the most tolerant countries on Earth, as reported three years ago by The Washington Post.

The problem Mr. Conners and the rest of The Caucus of Congressional Black Folks fail to see is that the overwhelming majority of whites in this country are for the most part the product of Legal Immigration at the turn of the last century and came from nations that had no part in the African slave trade. They also refuse to acknowledge is any  racial and economic discrimination from the past can be overcome by stop teaching their children hate, and with completing the educational that is offered to all children. Black's problems in America today stem from their culture, their morals and attitude, not the past. They have worn that excuse out long ago.

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