Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fake News Factory Unveils Dramatic New Slogan

DownTrend - The Trump hating fake news manufacturing hub "The Washington Post" is rolling with a new slogan to usher in the coming age of witch hunting. In an bid to meld its comic book quality McNews coverage and raving editorial diatribes with the ominous theme of a Batman movie the WAPO proudly presents:


The motto is reportedly a favorite saying of the bloated, beltway cocktail circuit power suckling zombie that used to be crusading reporter Bob Woodward. Billionaire WAPO owner and venomous Trump adversary Jeff Bezos reportedly took a liking to it given his paper’s flair for the dramatic as a cheap way to put a new gloss their tired bullshit.

Hot Air smacks it into the upper deck by connecting with a 101-mph fastball of truth:
"Turns out this purplish prose is a favorite saying of Post editor Bob Woodward, who’s been using it to celebrate the media clergy for years. Post owner Jeff Bezos picked it up somewhere along the line and started using the phrase himself. Only now, though, a month into Trump’s administration, did the paper see fit to put it beneath its masthead as a sort of mission statement. The timing gives the slogan the same effect as that dopey NBC News story from a few days ago noting that Trump would not, in fact, become the shortest-serving president in American history. It’s a declaration of opposition to the new administration. If it wasn’t, they would have slapped it on the front page back when Barack Obama, a.k.a. “the greatest enemy of press freedom that we have encountered in at least a generation,” started snooping in journalists’ phone records."
It’s also more than a bit ironic that a fish wrap which has spared no effort to overturn the election of a democratically elected president is now marketing itself as a guardian of democracy.