Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's Official. Keith Says HE MUST GO!

I've enjoyed little more then watching the descent of 'Bathtub Boy" Keith Olbermann from Media Star to just a floater in the leftist media latrine in recent years.  Once the on high main anchor of Cable News MSBNC, to the little known and watched Current TV, to now broadcasting on the Internet with a used GoPro in an empty basement in front of a piece of a set background that looks much like it was salvaged from a dumpster behind a local theater company. The first time I watched this guy on TV he made my skin crawl. With his legendary use of a thesaurus, he reminds me of a cross between a smooth talking pretentious college law student, and one of those creepy people who never take responsibility for their actions by blaming others.

Other then Nancy Pelosi's latest inability to communicate two legitimate thoughts in public, Olbermann's latest video is a high point of lunatic machinations emanating from a fog of anti-depression meds we have witnessed so much from media and politicians since the last election.

Olbermann proclaims in his latest basement installment - "HE MUST GO".   This is one of Olbermann's most interestingly twisted videos yet, and I think the men in white coats and a padded room are not far in the distant future.....

For you boys and girls. Enjoy. Resist!

Thank You Monsieur Vanderleun @American Digest and MJA for the Linkage