Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tragedy Strikes Grammy Awards.

Band of Horses Drummer Put Down After Breaking Leg.

Middle Finger News - Staples Center. Tragedy struck the 59th Annual Grammy Awards during a performance of the up and coming Indie Rock band 'Band of Horses' tonight when drummer BoBo Adams suffered a career-ending leg injury and was euthanized on the spot, according to horrified crowd members. The incident did not air on CBS because of the usual broadcast delay.
“It was such a good show. We were all having a good time, and then Adams jumped from the drum riser after the number they did ended..... you know.....a classic rock drummer move. But when he landed, the pop echoed through the hall and blood went everywhere."
“The room just went silent. We all hoped he would pop up, but it was definitely over for him. I could totally see bone,” added fan Trudy Blink, who witnessed the injury and resulting putting down of Adams from just behind the stage barrier.

“It’s not something we like to do, but with such a fragile breed like drummers, there's likely no coming back from that kind of a break,” said Al Henry, a first responder who ensured humane treatment.
“There was no time to get him back to the green room, so unfortunately, we had to put him down right there on stage.”
BOH road manager Alice Beater told MFN:
"At least poor BoBo went out without having to suffer through that pregnant ghetto chick and her whacked-out narcissistic 'LOOK AT ME" performance, or the tribute to bathroom pervert George Michael."