Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Oh Shut Up Ya Snarling Old Bastard

Amy Schumer's Crazy Cousin Chuck

While the FBI was investigating Bill Clinton for the White Water corruption sandal, Clinton fired the FBI Director.  The media took the President's actions at face value. They did not question him. In fact, conservatives who raised red flags were dismissed. Today, we get to see what happens when a Republican does what Bill Clinton did. The reality is that many of those most critical of Trumps firing Comey were the same people demanding Comey be fired for his handling of Hillary Clinton's emails. 

We have a hyper-partisan environment in which all sides too easily and too quickly abandon intellectual honesty. It is notable that Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins, two of the GOP's most strident critics of Donald Trump, are okay with this firing.

It is not a constitutional crisis, nor is it a dark day for democracy. It is a President exercising his constitutional duties on the advice of his cabinet ministers. The timing is bothersome and may look bad, but the underlying rationale suggests the decision was made thoughtfully. However, the left will never believe President Trump nor believe anything other than the worst possible conspiracies about him. Russiaism is the new Birtherism.