Friday, July 7, 2017

Mental Health Experts on the Political Outrages Committed in the Name of Their Honorable Profession.

We should praise and give just due when the left does the right thing as it did this week. It was uplifting to hear all mental health groups rush to the defense of the President, after he was declared “mentally ill” and “shamed” in other ways by Democratic members of Congress. It was also encouraging to hear them defend the President from the daily assaults of the media, concerning his mental capacity, and how it was medical malfeasance for any doctor to diagnose, without actually meeting the patient.

Now, of course, NONE OF THIS HAPPENED.

These fraudulent, gutless, partisan hack groups, stand for nothing, other than filling their coffers. An outcry would have arisen, by all prominent members of these groups, had any Republican called then President Obama, or any Democratic members of Congress, “mentally ill.” The tweets by the social justice warriors on the left, and the mental illness shaming hashtags, would have called for people to resign, and apologize, and take some sort of “understanding course.”

You want to talk “mental illness,” let’s talk “denial.” The left’s, and the media’s, absolute inability to accept reality is what is called “denial.” And, yes, denial is a symptom of mental illness. Triggered by the President, like dogs on the Fourth of July, the left’s loss of sleep, absolute anxiety and inability to interact with those who think and see issues differently than they do, are symptomatic of an underlying mental health condition. If you want poster people for mental illness, Congressmen Waters and Pelosi are your billboards.

So, esteemed boards of mental health, and armchair psychiatrists of America, it is on you to stop the mental illness “shaming.” Media members of the left, it’s time to get help, and we on the right will support and encourage you throughout your rehabilitation. But, it has to start with admitting, and saying it with me: Donald Trump is President of the United States of America. Take a few breaths, and say it again. - JUDITH FRIEDMAN