Friday, July 7, 2017

It’s Safe to say CNN doesn’t give a Flying **** If Anyone Trusts Them as a News Source Anymore.

German Chancellor Frau Merkel

In keeping with their long line of fake news attacking the President, CNN has reported German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be using her superior intellect and mind powers to help embarrass the US President. It actually sounds like a pretty good movie plot, but definitely not a legitimate news piece, well unless you're CNN.

Downtrend - "CNN‘s international diplomatic editor Nic Robertson said this on the air yesterday:
“Angela Merkel has chosen to hold this summit in an environment, in a location, that can be surrounded by protesters. It’s not as we see some summits, on a remote hilltop that the whole village or the town around it is secure…Angela Merkel is in a re-election campaign this year. The protesters will be able to get close so that, in part, President Trump can hear the voices of dissent here in Germany, here in Europe.”
"CNN says Merkel picked Hamburg as the site for the G20 Summit because she thinks protesters will come out and give it to Trump. There’s only one problem with that theory: the location of the summit was chosen over a year ago. At that time Trump wasn’t even the GOP nominee yet. Also, there wasn’t a person on the planet last July who didn’t think Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to be the next President of the United States.

It is CNN’s contention that Angela Merkel could see into the future and predict Trump’s upset win over Hillary and that she knew she was going to need a way to knock him down a peg so she picked Hamburg as the site for the G20 because she also knows that protesters will be there to embarrass Trump. That may be the stupidest thing to ever come from CNN and they have Don Lemon in their employ who thinks black holes eat airplanes. 

When CNN’s president Jeff Zucker says “people trust us” and White House corespondent Jim Accosta says, “we are real news” this is what they are talking about." 

BFFs Angela and the Magic Negro Meet at the Nuclear Security Summit March 25, 2014