Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Is The DNC Really Begging for Money Because Trump Hasn't Built The Border Wall??

Present Leader of the Democrat National Committee Clown Squad, Tom Perez

DT  I think this is just more proof that democrats are filled with rage and that resisting Trump means attacking everything he does, or in this case doesn’t do, no matter what it is. Seems the DNC are critical of Trump, as he has yet to built a wall between the US and Mexico......
"The Democratic National Committee on Tuesday morning sent an email with the subject ; "Trump’s Empty Promises on Border Wall". Trump has failed to deliver on his signature promise to build a border wall and have Mexico pay for it. Trump even admitted in a private conversation with Mexico that his border wall promise was the ‘least important thing,'” said the email…" - The Free Beacon 
Wait. What? I thought all democrats were convinced that Trump’s border wall was the most racist thing anyone ever proposed, and now they are worried that he hasn’t built it yet? I’m just going to say it: democrats are the craziest mofos on the planet. There isn’t one thing about them that is sane or rational.

What makes this even kookier is that it looks like not only are they emphasizing that Trump didn’t do something they didn’t want him to do, they're trying to get liberal idiots to pony up cash because he didn't! I see a connection after I read this on Fox News:
"The Democratic National Committee just posted its worst July fundraising numbers in a decade, raising questions about why the party machine cannot capitalize on President Trump’s low approval ratings and whether new Chairman Tom Perez is up to the task. The DNC raised $3.8 million last month, compared to $10.2 million for the Republican National Committee. The tally fit a pattern for the Democrats, who have posted a string of depressed fundraising numbers month after month this year, even after new party boss Perez took charge in February." 
The democrats aren’t pulling in much money because their Trump-hatred has them tied in knots, and now they're going to try to fund raise on something all liberals with checkbooks are against?

I can see why the DNC picked Tom Perez to be their leader. His fresh ideas are really ushering in a new era for the democrats.