Wednesday, August 23, 2017

First Photos of The Trump White House Renovations.

The media was given a tour of the White House this week to view the newly renovated portions of the people’s house. Here are a couple of the released pictures. 

Gone from the Oval Office is the truly horrendous two tone yellow striped wallpaper of the Obama years resembling a whorehouse set from a black exploitation movie of the 1970's. The office is now tasteful done in soft creams, golds and browns, and once again the beautiful striped wood floors are visible. The office is complete with the returned bust of Winston Churchill, and all the flags of the US Military Services. New furniture has replaced the old, rumored to have been taken out back and burned for public health reasons.

The Roosevelt Room, which witnessed so many of Twentieth Century America's most historic discussions and important decisions were made has been restored to it's previous glory, no longer the drab meeting room it became.

The Third floor apartment residence of the former President's mother in-law, Marion Robinson, has been boarded up and sealed off. There's no word whether or not Mom's Robinson ever left the White House..... 

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h/t Konan The Bar Barron