Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trump DOJ To Go After Affirmative Action in Higher Ed.

NewsBusters - On Wednesday, the network morning shows were all deeply troubled by a New York Times report that the Trump Justice Department was preparing to defend the civil rights of white students applying to college. At the top of ABC’s Good Morning America, co-host George Stephanopoulos sounded the alarm: 
“Breaking overnight, new reports the Trump administration is taking on Affirmative Action, preparing to investigate whether colleges are discriminating against white students.” 
Minutes later, correspondent Mary Bruce breathlessly declared:
“Overnight, The New York Times is reporting that the Justice Department is working on a plan to investigate and potentially sue universities for admission policies that are found to discriminate against white applicants'. ....critics say this cuts to the core of efforts to expand educational opportunities for minority students and could be a sign that the administration is changing course on a key civil rights issue.”

The problem with this version of the story is that the DOJ is actually looking into an unresolved discrimination suit from the Obama years brought by 64 Asian students for having points deducted from entrance exams simply for being Asian, while other groups have points added. But that truth points the finger of discrimination in the wrong direction for the media. 

A quick reading of the constitution says we are are equal under the law. Why should someone get extra points toward admission because of skin color? Are we to consider them inferior? And why are some docked points because they are smarter then most? Higher Education is not a civil right. IT"S A PRIVILEGE. A privilege you should earn by hard work.  Let the cream rise to the top.  

The Supreme Court has already ruled that schools cannot use racial quotas in admissions, but many of them do it anyways. The fact that race is being used to determine a student’s admission to a college is against the law and should be stopped. The only way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.