Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Profiles in Moonbattery

DT - "The hopes and prayers of liberals to remove President Trump from office and therefore reverse the results of a legitimate election are increasingly resting with rogue special counsel Robert Mueller. Frustrated Hollyweirdos have ushered in the era of the totalitarian left with calls for Deep State coups, violence in the streets, martial law and the overturning of the democratic process and will of the voters by an unelected police state figure in Mueller. 

Of course, no thought ever goes into the idea that this all will one day come back to bite them in their own asses. 

One of the most fascistic of all is Rob “Meathead” Reiner who became famous for his performance of Archie Bunker’s flaming leftist son in law Mike Stivic. The now aged, balding and obese Reiner has issued a plea to Mueller to hurry up and Get Trump!"

"Well there’s hippie flower power Mike Stivic left and there’s full-blown jackboot, Joseph Stalin blood purge left and that is exactly what Reiner and his buddies want to see – until the day that it all swings back around on them that is.

If there is one positive aspect of the raging outbreak of Trump Derangement Syndrome that has swept the land it is that the left continues to expose themselves as drooling authoritarians. Who knew that inside every liberal there was a raging fascist struggling to get out but now they are on full display as exactly what they have always been.  

Stifle yourself Meathead!"

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